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Frequently Asked Questions

We typically schedule appointments within a one to two-week window. During busy months like April, May, June, October, and November, we recommend calling two to four weeks in advance to secure your preferred date.

In rare cases, we can provide same-day service. Response times may vary based on your location and the size of the job. We prioritize prompt communication to discuss your needs and schedule services as quickly as possible.

We request at least three business days' notice for cancellations or rescheduling. As our schedule is often booked in advance, filling slots last minute can be challenging. We understand emergencies happen and strive to accommodate last-minute changes when notified by 5:00 PM the day before the scheduled service.

Typically, two-person crews service homes, though smaller or specialized jobs may require only one technician. Please let us know if you have specific requests or needs.

The duration depends on the job size and specifics. Residential jobs usually complete within three to four hours. We provide time estimates during the quoting process.

It is challenging to standardize pricing as each home varies in glass amount, ladder work, window types, and accessibility. We offer pricing details upon consultation. Our services are surprisingly affordable—often costing less than a family dinner out.

Yes, cleaning these areas is included. However, they can be labor-intensive and may affect the overall price depending on the effort required.

We recommend cleaning both the inside and outside of your windows, especially for first-time services. Interior windows often accumulate more grime than exteriors. Regular cleaning ensures complete satisfaction and prevents the accumulation of harmful residues.

Yes, we provide thorough cleaning for newly constructed or renovated homes, removing all construction debris and dirt from glass surfaces. A signed waiver for potential tempered glass damage is required before service.

This depends on your location and personal preference. Some customers prefer as often as bi-weekly, while others find monthly, quarterly, or bi-annual cleanings sufficient. We generally recommend a full cleaning in the spring and fall.

While it's preferable for you to be home during cleaning for access and safety reasons, it's not mandatory. If you cannot be present, please provide a contact method in case we need to reach you.

To facilitate cleaning, we appreciate it if you could move any fragile items away from the windows. This is not required but helps us complete the job more efficiently. Extra charges may apply if extensive movement of furniture or belongings is needed.

We train our cleaners to work carefully around electronics and curtains. We cannot move heavy electronic setups due to liability risks but will protect and work around them as needed.

Our window cleaning services are available year-round. For pressure washing and gutter cleaning, we operate as long as temperatures are above freezing.

Removing hard water stains is charged per window or as part of the job, depending on severity. We require a signed waiver acknowledging potential risks of glass scratching during the cleaning process.

We accept cash, checks, and credit/debit cards. A 3% transaction fee applies to credit card payments, and a $25 fee applies to returned checks.

Yes, we offer weekend services by request to accommodate your schedule.

We take precautions to avoid soiling your carpets by wearing protective booties and placing towels under any equipment that rests on your floor.

Yes, our business is fully licensed and insured. We carry comprehensive general liability and worker's compensation insurance to ensure both client and employee protection.

We strive to be on time for every appointment. For subsequent appointments throughout the day, we provide a two-hour window to manage expectations and ensure punctuality.

Our minimum charge for any service call is $125.

Yes, you don't need to be present for us to estimate a job. We ask that you secure any pets and unlock any necessary gates or access points. We'll conduct a quick inspection and leave an estimate in your mailbox.

Cleaning windows is a great start for improving your home's presentation. We recommend a full assessment of your property's exterior, including patios, decks, and driveways, to determine the best approach. This service is complimentary and without obligation.

Generally, no deposit is needed. However, for certain services like our ProGuard Gutter Protection, a 50% deposit is required to begin work.

Absolutely. We guarantee satisfaction with our services before you are required to pay. If you're not satisfied, we'll address any issues to ensure your complete satisfaction.